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Invisible Sinker is proud to announce that the highly sought after 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce sinkers are NOW available to purchase on this website. They are ideal for inshore and freshwater fishing.

Welcome to the Invisible Sinker Website.

The Invisible Sinker - This is not just a sinker, it's a new way to fish!

When we say “Invisible Sinker”, we are talking about the finest addition to your tackle box since monofilament fishing line first appeared on the market. Our Invisible Sinkers are precision crafted units that virtually disappear under water. Being transparent, the Invisible Sinker is not detectable by fish and the only sinker guaranteed not to "scare off" your trophy catch. With proper rigging the only thing a fish will see is your bait; ensuring that you get more bites.

Here is an underwater photo that compares the Invisible SinkerTM to a standard lead sinker. Click the photo for a larger version.

 Promotes More Bites!

 The Invisible Sinker promotes more bites, maximizing an  angler’s time on the water. Although the Invisible Sinker  costs more than traditional lead weights, its stealth features  and higher catch rate combined with its ECO friendly  composition make it a sound investment for every  fisherman’s  tackle box. With lead prices skyrocketing, this  price difference is closing everyday.

 The Invisible Sinker is available in a clear or a disappearing  pink color, your choice depending on the water tone and  ambient light. Available in 1 oz. and 3 oz.                                                                   weights for different fishing applications.

"OFF THE HOOK" Dehooker is now available!

The “Off the Hook” dehooker is the ONLY fisherman-friendly device that works under all fishing conditions. The “Off the Hook” tool allows the angler an easy solution for removing the hook from the fish regardless of hook location and without having to hold the fish with hands, gloves, or towels. The hook can also be removed while the fish remains in the water, reducing stress and injury to the fish and danger to the angler. To help maintain our natural marine resources, releasing the fish quickly is just as important as limited human contact and ease of use means a fast release and better chance of survival.



For more information, to send an email click sales@invisiblesinker.com or call us on (727) 217-5004

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Invisible Sinkers work!

"I was fishing off of Orange Beach Alabama for Red Snapper. I was using a 3 ounce clear Invisible Sinker. I caught more and bigger fish than anyone else on the boat including the largest Red Snapper of the day which weighed 24 lbs! I highly recommend the Invisible Sinker!"

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